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An apple of discord : (a cause of quarrel )Kashmir has been an apple of discord between India and Pakistan.

Apple-pie order : (completely arranged)To her surprise, the mother found the house on her return in apple pie order

Apple of one's eye:  (very beloved) For every mother her son is the apple of her eye, Argus-eyed Gealous) Be aware of your argus-eyed friends.

Have an axe to grind : (to have own interest to serve) When the adjudicator himself has an axe to grind in the ma er, the judgement is bound to be impaired.
Bad blood (enmity): That the two brothers have bad blood over ancestral property is no secret,
A bear garden : (a place of noise and disturbance)Our parliament turning often a bear garden really disturbs sensitive citizens.

A bird's eye view:  (a general view)The speaker gave a bird's eye view of the political conditions in the country.

Blue blood : (a person belonging to a high family) It is really disturbing that even children of blue blood are committing decoity.
To bark up the wrong tree : (to criticize a wrong person or thing) Don't bark up the wrong tree; the matter was spoiled by  you yourself.

To bask in the sunshine : (to enjoy a period of fame or fortune) The young author is basking in the sunshine of newly found glory

To bear the brunt :(to suffer the bad consequence) lf one does something wrong, one has to bear the brunt today or tomorrow.

To bear the palm (to win): The leader Dare the pulm easily as the opposition divided

A bolt from the blue: ( an unexpected shock) The news of his failure in the
examination was d bolt from the blue as he had not expected it.

To beat about the bush: (to talk imelevantly ie. not to the point) Don't beet about the bush, come to the matter straight

To beggar description:  (to be beyond description)The Taj Mahal by the moonlight beggars descripcion.

To bite the dust: (to suffer defeat)you stick to truth, your enemy will have to bite the dust,

To blow one's own trumpet: (to boast about oneself) it's really boring to be in the company of one who always blows one's own trumget.

To break the ice : (to start conversation where everybody is silent The matter turned into a deadlock and there was no body to break the ice.

To bring down the house: (to get a loud applause) The immaculate performance of the artiste brougae down the house.

To bring to book :(to punish) He was brought to book for stealing the money.
To burn the candle at both ends: ( to work ven tard)often the students who neglect their study year burning the undue at both ends during the days of examination and spoil their health

A close shave : (narrow escape)The motorist had a close shave when the speeding truck brush passed the vehicle.

Close fisted : (miser) Aetasersted person always tried to compromise with even necessary spending.
Acock and bull story:(an unbelievable and stupid gossip) A froud tries to deceive people with a cock and bull story

A cry in the wilderness : ( a useless effort) When the worker appeal to settle thair grievances proved a cry in the wilderness, they decided to resort to the Strick.

To call a spade a spade :(to speak the truth straightforwardly)A man who calls a spade a spade is never ambiguous intention.

To call it a day :(to stop the for the day) On looking at theincessant rainfall the umpires have  proceeding called it a day

To carry the day : (to win)The team carried the day against the weakopposition very easily.

To cast one's net wide :(to try in various fields)One who casts his net wide ends doing nothing.

To cast pearls before swine: (to do something which people cannot understand).The scientists exposition of his theory before the politicians was like casting pearls before swine.

To catch a tartar :(to get an opponent who is fearsome)Initially he felt that he would win easily but shortly he realised that he had caught a tartar.

To chew the cud : (to think deeply)ore starting a big project you are expected to chew the cud.

To come a crapper :(to fail miserably)The new plan of population control launched with all the type actually came a crapper.

To come off age : (to mature) When the young boys come of age they realise their mistake.
To come out in flying colours: (to become very successful) came out in flying effort of the young talent colours when he got the award
To come to a head : (to turn into crisis) Bureaucrats do not shed their apathy until a problem comes to a head.

To cross swords: (to pick up a dispute) since their independence India and Pakistan have crossed swords
To cry over spilt milk : (to repent over that has been done and now cannot be corrected) To think of one's mistakes done previously and feel sorry about them is like crying over spilt milk.

To cudgel brain: ( to think hard on something) The government is ng its brain on how to curb terrorism in the country.

To cut a sorry figure :(to perform very poorly) Indian Cricket Team Management spends a lot on performance boosting but every time the team cuts a sorry figure in crunch situation.

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