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                                          RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD


 Founder : Gautama Siddhartha Buddha (563-483 BC) born in Nepal (Lumbini)
Founded in :  528 BC
Followed in : China, Tibet Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bhutan and Vietnam
Sacred text : The Tripitaka of Buddha's teachings) also calied Sutras.
Sacred place : Lumbini (Nepal) where Buddha was born, Bodh Gaya (Bihar) where he received Enlightenment and Kushinagar (UP) where he attained ' Nirvana'
Place of worship  : Chaitya (temple) and Vihara (where Monks reside)

Sects : Mahayana and Hinayana


Founder : King Fu Tsu, better known as Contucius (551-479 bom in the State of LuinChina

Founded in : 500BC
Followed place : China, Taiwan, South Korea, Nauru and Vietnam
Sacred text : The Analects
Sacred Place : Peking (Beijing) in China

Place ot Worship : No Church or temple


Founder : Jesus Christ (5 BC to 30 AD) bom in Judea, also called Jesus of Nazareth

Founded in : 2005 years ago

Followed in : Spread all over the world

Sacred text :Holy Bible consisting of the Old Testament  (before Chris) and the New Testament (during and after Chnst)

Sacred place: Jerusalem where Christ lived and preached.
Place of worship : Church

Impotent sects :  Catholics and Protestants


Founder : Of divine origin
Founded in : 1500 BC
Followed in : concentrated in India and Nepal and also founded Bhutan, Fi, Gyuana, Indonesia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago, Bali,
Sacred texts : Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana
Piace of worship : Temple

Founder :  Prophet Mohammed (570-632 AD) born in Mecca (Saudi Arabia)
Founded in : 622 AD
Followed in : West coast of Africa which includes Tanzania, Southern part of Russia and China,India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia Also parts of North Africa

Sacred text : Quran (words of God), Hadis (collection of Prophet's sayings)

Sacred places : Makkah in Saudi Arabia
Place of worship :  Masjid (mosque)
Important sects : Sunnis and Shias

JUDAISM (Religion of the Hobrews)

Founder : Moses, born in Egypt
Founded in : 1300 BC
Followed in : World wide: mainly in israel and United States

  Sacred texts : Hals, found particularly in the five book of the Bible; commentary on Torah knownas Talmud and Midrash
Sacred Places  : Jerusalem
Place of worship : Synagogue


Founder : Began with Japanese culture and developed out of tradition and ancestor worship
Founded in : Antiquity
Followed in : Japan
Sacred texts : No specific text
Sacred Place : Central Shrine of Ise (central Japan) and the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo


Founder : Guru Nanak (1469-1539)
Founded in : 1500 AD
Followed in : India
Sacred text : Guru Granth Saheb

Sacred place : The Golden Temple of Amritsar
Place of worship :  Gurdwara


Founder : Lao-tse, a Chinese philosopher

Founded in : 6th century BC

Followed in : China, Taiwan, Nauru, Brunei, Singapore and Vietman
Sacred text : Tao te Ching


Founder : Zoroaster, Born in Medea (modem Iran) about 660 BC
Founded in : Around 500 BC

Followed in : Iran and north-west India. The zoroastrians who fled to during the eighth century are the ancestors of the present Parsi Community in India
Sacred text : Zend Avesta
Place of worship : Fire temple


Religion   -   % Of World  Population

Christians : 33.06
Muslims : 20.28
Hindus : 13.33
Sikhs : 0.39
Jains : 0.07
Buddhists : 5.87
Jews : 0.23
Non-religious : 11.92
Atheists : 2.35
Chinese folk religionists : 6.27
Neo religionists : 1.68
Tribal religionists : 3.97
Shintoists : 0.04
 Spiritists : 0.20
Bahais : 0.12
Confucionists : 0.10
Other religions : 0.02

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