General Science For Competitive Exams  : Instruments and Use

Instrument          - Use

Altimeter - It measures altitudes and is used in aircrafts.

Ammeter - It measures strength of electric current (in amperes)

Anemometer - It measures force and velocity of wind.

Audiometer - It measures intensity of sound

Audiophone - It is used for improving sense of hearing.

Barograph - It is used for continuous recording of atmospheric pressure.

Barometer - It measures atmospheric pressure.

Binocular - It is used to view distant objects.

 Bolometer - It measures heat radiation

Calorimeter - It measures quantity of heat.

Carburettor - It is used in an internal combustion engine for chorging air with petrol


Cardiogram - It traces movements of the heart, recorded on a cardiograph.

Chronometer - It determines longitude of a place kept onboard ship

Cinematography - It is an instrument used in cinemo moking to throw on screen and
 enlarged image of photograph.

Crescograph - It measures the growth in plants.

Cyclotron -  A charged particle accelerator which con occelerate chorged particles to
high energies.

Dynamo - It converts mechanicol energy into electrical energy.

 Dynamometer - It measures electrical power.

Electrometer - It measures electricity

Electroscope - It detects presence of an electric charge.

Endoscope - It examines internal ports of the body.

Eudiometer - A glass tube for measuring volume chonges in chemical reactions
between goses,

Fathometer - Measures depth of the ocean

Fluxmeter -  Measures magnetic flux

Galvanometer -   Measures electric current

Gramophone -  Used to reproducing recorded sound.

Hydrometer -   Measures the relative density of liquids

Hydrophone -   Measure sound under water

Hygrometer -  Used to measure the moisture content or the humidity of air or any gas.

Hygroscope -  Shows the changes in atmospheric humidity

Hypsometer -  Determines boiling point of liquids.

Lactometer -  Measures the relative density of milk.

Machmeter -  Determines the speed of an aircraft relative to the speed of sound

Manometer -   Compares magnetic movement and fields

Manometer -  Used to measure atmospheric pressure

Micrometer -  Coverts sound waves into electrical vibration

Microphone -  Converts sound waves into electrical signals.

Microscope -  Used to obtain a magnified view of small objects

Nephetometer -  Measures the scattering of light by particles suspended in a liquid

Odometer -  An instrument attached to the wheel of a vehicle, to measure the distance travelled.

Ohmmeter -  Measures electrical resistance of objects

Ondometer -  Measures the frequency of electromagnetic waves(radio waves)

Optometer -   Used for testing the refractive power of the eye.

Otoscope -   Used for visual examination of the eardrum.

Periscope -   Used to view objects above sea level (Used in submarines).

Phonograph -   Used for reproducing sound.

Photometer -  Compares the luminous intensity of the two sources of light

Polygraph - It simultaneously records changed in physiological processes such as heartbeat, blood
pressure & the respiration (used as lie detector)

Pyrheliometer -  Used for measuring Solar radiation.

Pyrometer -  Measures very high temperature.

Quadrant - Measures altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomy

Radar - Radio, Detection and Ranging.

Rain Gauge -  Measures Rainfall.

Refractometer - Measures salinity of solutions

Refractometer -  Measures a Refractive Index of a substance.

Sextant -  Used by navigators to find the latitude of place by measuring the elevation above the
horizon of the sun or another star; also used to measure the height of very distant objects

Sextant -  Used for measuring angular distance between two objects.

Siesmograph - Used for recording the intensity and origin of earthquakes shocks.

Spectroscope -  Used for Spectrum analysis.

Speedometer -  An instrument used for measuring speed of the vehicle.

Spherometer -  Measures curvature of spherical objects.

Sphygmomanometer - Measures blood pressure.

Stethoscope -  Used for hearing and analysing the sound of Heart.

Tachometer -  To determine speed, especially the rotational speed of a shaft(rpm)

Tangent galvanometer -  Measure the amount of direct current(DC)

Telemeter -  Records physical happenings at a distant place(space)

Telescope -  Used for magnified view of distant objects.

Thermometer -  Measures Temperature

Thermostat -  Automatically regulates temperatures at a constant point.

Tonometer -  Measures the pitch of a sound

Transformer -  An apparatus used for converting high voltage to low and vice-versa without change in its frequency.

Transponder -  To receive a signal and transmit a reply immediately in satellites.

Venturimeter -  Measures the rate of flow of liquids

Vernier -  Measures Small sub-division of scale.

Viscometer -  Measures Viscosity of liquid.

Voltmeter -  Used to measure electric potential difference between two points

Wattmeter -  To measure electric power

Wavemeter -  To measure the wavelength of a radiowave(high frequency waves)