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General Knowledge For Competitive Exams : Famous Grassland Of The World

General Knowledge For Competitive Exams : Famous Grassland Of The World

Here GK Solve share some important Grassland name in the world, which are the most important  Question for Competitive Exams like ssc, wbssc, upsc, wbcs, rail, police bank.  In 2017 competitive exams ,this topic is the most important for the students.so every one read carefully.

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Major Grassland

· Grasslands are areas where the vegetation is dominated by grasses ( Poaceae ), however, sedge ( Cyperaceae ) and rush ( Juncaceae ) families can also be found.

· Grasslands occur naturally on all continents except Antarctica.

· Tropical grasslands are closest to the equator and remain hot all over the year.

· Temperate grasslands are far from the equator and usually have hot summers and cold winters.

· Temperate grasslands , savannas, and shrublands are terrestrial biomes whose predominant vegetation consists of grass and/or shrubs.

· The climate is temperate and ranges from semi-arid to semi-humid.

· Grasslands are referred to by different names in different parts of the world.

List of Grassland and Regions

Grassland    -  Regions

Dawns    -  Australia
Pampas    -  South America (Argentina & Uruguay)
Prairies    -   North America
Savannah    -  Africa and Australia
Selvas   -   South America
Steppes   -  Europe and Northern Asia
Taiga   -  Europe and Asia
Velds   -   South Africa
Lianos    -  Venezuela (South America)
Pustaz    -  Hungary
Canterbury   -  New Zealand

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