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General Knowledge : Name of scientific Study

Hello Students,This topic important for your competitive exams.So read carefully.

 Name of scientific Study

Acology -----------Study of medical remedies

Adenology ---------- Study of glands

Aerology ----------Study of the atmosphere

Agrology ---------Study of agricultural soils

Anesthesiology -------------Study of anesthetics

Anatomy ----------Study of the structure of living things

Anthropobiology ----------- Study of the natural history of the human species

Anthropology -----------Study of humanity

Apiology -------------Study of bees

Arachnology ---------- Study of spiders

Archaeology ------------ Study of human activity in the past

Astrology ----------- Study of influence of stars on people

Astronomy ----------- Study of celestial bodies

Auxology ----------- Study of growth

Barology --------------Study of gravitation

Bibliology ------------- Study of books

Biology -------------- Study of life

Botany ------------- Study of plants

Bromatology ------------- Study of food

Brontology ------------- Study of thunder

Calorifics -------------- Study of heat

Cardiology -------------- Study of the heart

Carpology ------------- Study of fruit

Chemistry ------------ Study of the composition, properties and behavior of matter

Cosmology ------------Study of the universe

Cryptology -------------Study of codes

Dactylography ------------ Study of fingerprints

Dendrology -------------Study of trees

Dermatology ------------ Study of skin

Desmology ------------Study of ligaments

Ecology -------- Study of environment

Economics -------------Study of material wealth

Edaphology -----------Study of soils

Entomology -------------Study of insects

Floristry ----------- Study of cultivating and selling flowers

Geoponics ----------- Study of agriculture

Graphology ----------- Study of handwriting

Helminthological ------------ Study of worms

Hematology -----------Study of blood

Hydrogeology ---------- Study of ground water

Hygrometry ------------Study of humidity

Ichthyology ------------Study of fish

Insectology -------------Study of insects

Linguistics ------------ Study of language

Meteorology ----------- Study of weather

Nephology ----------- Study of clouds

Nephrology ------------ Study of the kidneys

Numismatics -----------Study of coins

Odontology ------------ Study of teeth

Oology ---------- Study of eggs

Ophiology ----------- Study of snakes

Ornithology -------- Study of birds

Orthopterology -------- Study of cockroaches

Osteology ---------Study of bones

Otology -----------Study of the ear

Palaeolimnology -----------Study of ancient fish

Pathology --------- Study and diagnosis of disease

Psychology ------------Study of mental functions and behaviors

Seismology ---------Study of earthquakes

Thermology --------------Study of heat

Vermeology ----------- Study of worms

Xylology ----------Study of wood

Zoology ----------- Study of animals
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