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General Knowledge For SSC : Person That Recognized as Father / Mother Of a Subjects.

General Knowledge For Competitive Exams: Person That Recognized as Father / Mother Of a Subjects.

Here GK Solve Share Some most important GK which are help you job preparation, competitive exams, ssc exams. etc.Read Carefully.

Person That Recognized as Father / Mother Of a Subjects.

• Father of Microscopy -------Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek

• Father of Western Medicine ------ Hippocrates

• Father of Internet ------ Vint Cerf

• Father of the American Constitution -------James Madison

• Father of the Indian Constitution ------ Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

• Father of Humanism -------Francesco Petrarca

• Father of Geometry -------- Euclid of Alexandria

• Father of New France -------Samuel de Champlain

• Father of Genetics ------- Gregor Mendel

• Father of the Green Revolution ---------Norman Ernest Borlaug

• Father of the Green Revolution in India ------- M.S Swaminathan

• Father of Scientific Management ------- Frederick Winslow Taylor

• Father of Biology --------Aristotle

• Father of Evolution ------- Charles Darwin

• Father of Microbiology ------ Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

• Father of Nuclear Chemistry ---------Otto Hahn

• Father of Periodic Table --------Dmitri Mendeleev

• Father of modern Medicine -------- Hippocrates

• Father of Modern Physics ------- Galileo Galilei

• Father of Modern Astronomy -------- Nicolaus Copernicus

• Father of Nuclear Physics -------- Ernest Rutherford

• Father of Nuclear Science ------- Marie Curie and Pierre Curie

• Father of Computer Science ---------George Boole and Alan Turing

• Father of American Football ------- Walter Camp

• Father of Walter Camp ---------Geoffrey Chaucer

• Father of modern Olympic ---------Pierre De Coubertin

• Father of of Numbers ---------Pythagoras

• Father of Botany -------- Theophrastus

• Father of Electricity ---------- Benjamin Franklin

• Father of Electonics ---------- Michael Faraday

• Father of Television --------- Vladimir K. Zworykin

• Father of Telephone ---------- Alexander Graham Bell

• Father of Mobile Phone ---------- Martin Cooper

• Father of Laptop ------Bill Moggridge

• Father of Psychology --------Sigmund Freud

• Father of Surgery ---------Sushruta

• Father of Plastic Surgery ---------Sir Harold Gillies

• Father of Ayurveda --------- Dhanwantari

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