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General Knowledge : Some Importan Cultural Monuments/ Structure Around The World.

General Knowledge : Some Importan Cultural Monuments/ Structure Around The World.
Here GK Solve Share some Important Cultural Monuments name all over the World for Competitive Exams like ssc, wbcs, upsc, ibps, rail, bank, police etc. This topic is very important for Competitive Exams All Over India. So Please read carefully.

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List Of Some Importan Cultural Monuments/ Structure Around The World.


Abu Simbel  -    Egypt

Acropolis hill -    Athens, Greece

Agia Sophia  -   Istanbul, Turkey

Al Aqsa Mosque  -   Jerusalem

Angel Falls -     Venezuela

Angkor Thom  -   Cambodia

Angkor Wat -    Cambodia

Big Ben -    London, U.K.

Blue Domed Church  -   Santorii, Greece

Bran Castle  -   Transylvania, Romania

Branderburg Gate  -   Berlin, Germany

Burj al Arab Hotel -    Dubai, U.A.E.

Cape of Good Hope  -    South Africa

Chichen Itza  -   Mexico

Christ the Redeemer  -   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Eiffel Tower  -   France

Ephesus  -   Turkey

Faisal Mosque  -   Islamabad, Pakistan

Forbidden City  -   Beijing

Golden Gate Bridge -    San Francisco, California

Great Wall of China -    China

Iguazu Falls  -   On the border of Brazil and Argentina

Imperial Place  -  Japan

Inukshuk  -  Canada

Kaaba  -  Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Kilimanjaro  -  Tanzania

Kremlin(Moscow) -   Russia

Lascaux Cave Paintings  -  France

Leaning Tower of Pisa -    Italy

Loch Ness  -  Scotland

Luxor Temple -   Egypt

Machu Pichu  -  Peru

Middle of the Earth or The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo  -  Ecuador

Millau Bridge  -   France

Mont St Michel  -    France

Mount Eden Crater -    New Zealand

Mount Fuji  -   Japan

Mount Rushmore  -  South Dakota

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall  -   China

Newgrange Tomb  -   Ireland

Opera House -    Australia

Parthanon  -   Greece

Petra Rock cut Architecture  -   Jordan

Pompeii -    Italy

Potala Palace -    Llasa, Tibet

Pyramid(Giza)  -    Egypt

Sagrada Familia  -   Barcelona, Spain

St Basil’s Cathedral  -   Moscow, Russia

St Peter’s Cathedral  -   Vatican City

Statue of Liberty -    New York, USA

Sultan Ahmed Mosque -   Istanbul, Turkey

Table Mountain  -  Cape Town, South Africa

Taj Mahal  -  India

The Blue Mosque  -   Istanbul, Turkey

The Colosseum -    Rome, Italy

The Empire State Building  -  New York

The Great Canyon -    Arizona

The Great Sphinx  -   Giza, Egypt

The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall  -    China

The Wailing Wall   -  Jerusalem

Tilcho Lake  -   Nepal

Tower of Pisa  -    Italy

Twelve Apostles  -   Australia

Twyfelfontein- Ancient Rock Engravings  -   Namibia

Uluru Sandstone  -   Australia

Victoria Falls -    Between Zambia and Zimbabwe

Wailing Wall  -   Jerusalem

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