General Knowledge : Some Important Strait name In the World.

Here GK Solve  Share some important Strait name in the world, which is most Importan for Competitive, read carefully.

A Strait is defined as a comparatively narrow passageway connecting two large bodies of water.It may also be described as a naturally formed, narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water. 

Here is the list of the famous straits in the world.
  • Strait of Dover : It separates England and France
  • Cook Strait : It separates northern and southern New Zealand
  • Sauda Strait : It separates java and Sumatra island of Indonesia
  • Palk strait: It separates India from Sri Lanka
  • Strait of Gibraltar: It separates Europe from Africa
  • Strait of Bonifacio: It separates Sardinia island in Italy with Corsica island in France
  • Strait of Messina: It separates Italy and Sicily
  • Malacca Strait: It separates Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Davis Strait: It separates Greenland and Canada
  • Bass Strait: It separates Australia and Tasmania
  • Bering Strait: It separates Russia and America
  • Strait of Hormuz : It separates Oman and Iran
  • Taurus Strait: It separates Papua Guiana and Australia
  • Yucatan Strait: It separates Mexico and Cuba
  • Formosa Strait: It separates China and Taiwan