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Fine Arts ( Short Question & Answer)

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Hello Readers,

Hope you are well.Today we know about Fine Arts.Now a days this topic is most important to any kind of Competitive Exams.Fine art is art developed primarily for aesthetics, distinguishing it from applied art that also has to serve some practical function,  in Western Tradition.

Five main Fine Arts were Music, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture  and poetry with performing arts theater and dance.but now include additional forms, such as flim, photograhy, video producting/editing,design, conceptual etc.Here some Importan Question & Answer list from Fine Arts.

Event   -       Answer

The first cinema theatre was established in the year -     1905 AD

The editor of the book `Indian Cartoons' is -    Abu Abraham

The collection of Short Stories entitled "Mortal Coils" was written by -   Aldous Hexley

The Three Musketeers was written by -   Alexander Dumas

The author who used a new pen every time he sat down to write a poem was  -   Alexander Dumas

The 1997 Booker Prize was won by  -    Arundathi Roy

The book `Life Divine' was written by  -   Aurobindo

Robert Benchley acted in the film    -    Author

Tansen,the famous musician was once defeated by another musician whose name was  -  Baiju Bawra

Bala Gandharva was so named by     -    Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Kesari,a Marathi daily was started by   -    Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Harsha Charita was written by   -   Bana Bhatta

Hollywood is located in    -   California, USA

Henrik Isben's first play was   -   Catalina

Canterbury Tales was written by   -   Chaucer

Orthography means the art of   -    Correct Spelling

The one eyed giant who appeablack in Greek mythology was   -   Cyclops

The earlier name of film star Devanand was     -   Dharam Devanand

In the play `Macbeth',the king of Scotland is      -  Duncan

The French author who could work only in a darkened room was -    Emil Zola

The title of Dr.Salim Ali's autobiography is -    Fall of Sparrow

The Piano was discoveblack by  -    Guidod Arezzo

Rabindranath Tagore was popularly known as   -    Gurudev

The play "Enemy of the People" was written by  -     Hensik Isben

Pablo Picasso derived his surname from   -    His mother

Sense and Sensibility, was written by    -   Jane Austin

A comedian who insublack his nose for Ten lakh dollars was    -   Jimmy Durant

The book "Unto this Last" was written by   -  John Ruskin

The book "Mad,Mad,Mad,World of Indian Cinema" was written by   -   K.A. Abbas

The lead role in Tamil film Nayakan was played by   -   Kamala Hasan

The first actress of Indian screen was   -   Kamalabai Gokhale

The author of the book `Cricket My style' was  -    Kapil Dev

The 1997 Dada Saheb Phalke Award was won by   -   Kavi Pradeep

The author cum adventurer Thomas Edward Lawrence was famous for   -   Lawrence of Arabia

The only comedy written by Jean Racine was   -  Les Plaideurs

`Life of Mahatma Gandhi' was written by    -   Louis Fisher

The 1995 Jnana Peeth Award was won by   -  M.T. Vasudevan Nair

The Roman Magsaysay Award 1997 was won by   -   Mahasweta Devi

The 1992 Bhartiya Gnanpith Award was won by   -   Naresh Mehta

William Wordsworth was also known as   -  Nature's Poet

The National Gallery of Modern Art is located at   -   New Delhi

Sarojini Naidu is more popularly known as   -   Nightingale of India

The lady who is Story writer,film actress,film Producer,singer,film director and music Director and
who hails from Andhra Pradesh is   -  P. Bhanumathi

The noble prize winning novel "The Good Earth" was written by   -     Pearl S.Buck

The first opera ever performed was   -   Persi Dafni

The first cinema theater was established at Pittsberg, Pensylvania

Father and son who won the Dada Saheb Phalke Award was Prithvi Raj Kapoor & Raj Kapoor

The studio owned by Raj Kapoor and his family  -      is R.K.Studios

the full name of R.K.Narayan was  -   Rasipuram Krishna Swamy Ayyar Narayan

The real name of the famous writer Mark Twain is   -    Samuel Clemens

The Heroine of the famous classic `Gone with the Wind' was   -   Sarlet O'Hara

The instrument used by Amir Khusro was   -   Sarod

"Aparajito", a Bengali film, was directed by   -   Satyajit Ray

"Love's Labour Lost"was a play by   -   Shakespeare

The recipient of the Dada Saheb phalke Award for 1997 was   -   Shivaji Ganesan

K.L. Saigal was a famous  -   Singer

"Ajax" was written by   -   Sophocles

"Antigone" was written by   -   Sophocles

Bala Gandharva was a famous  -   Stage actor

The first novel written by R.K.Narayan was    -   Swami & his friends

Bharat natyam originated in   -  Tamilnadu

"Les miserables" was written by   -  Victor Hugo

Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck, the cartoon characters were created by  -   Walt Disney

The writer who was known as the `Wizard of the North' was  -   Walter Scott

`Rip Van Wrinkle' was written by   -   Washington Irwing

The word "Opera" means  -   Works

Late Mahadevi Verma received the Jnanpith Award for her book   -   Yama

The real name of Dilip kumar is   -   Yusuf Khan

The first full-length feature film was made in the year   -  1903 AD

Bernard Shaw wrote the "Far Fetched Fables" at the age of   -  93 years

The final book Caesar's Gallic War was written by  -   Aulus Whiskers

Wilkie Collins was a famous   -  Author

Anandmath was written by   -  Bankim chandra

Vinoba Bhave,author,started a famous movement known as  -   Bhoodan Movement

The ancient Buddhist University Nalanda was located in the state of   -  Bihar

The popular comedian Charlie Chaplin was from  -   Britain

Dr.Masti Venkatesha Iyenger won the Gnanpith Award for his book -   Chikaveera rajendra

The town which is known as the home of violin making is   -  Cremona,Italy

The B.C.Roy National Award for the year 1981 was received by  -   Dr. Harindranath , Chattopa

The Comic Character "Tarzan" was created by  -   Edgar Rice Burroughs

The heroine of the film `Cleopatra' was    -  Elizabeth Taylor

The Persian epic Shahnama was written by   -  Firdausi

The language in which Samuel Becket wrote most of his plays was  -   French

The first recipient of Bharatiya Gnanpith Award was  -    G.Shankara Kurup

Who is consideblack as the most famous playwright in English after William Shakespeare   -  George
Bernard Shaw

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for his book   - Gitanjali

The world's smallest theatre Picolo is in  -    Hamburg,West Germany

K.V.Subbabba,who won the Magsaysay Award was from  -    Heggodu, Karnataka

Bhimsen Joshi is associated with   -   Hindustani Music

The architectural style in which Taj Mahal is built is  -   Indo persian

The first Russian author to receive the Nobel Prize was  -   Ivan Atseyevich

Arabian Nights was translated into Sanskrit by   -  Jagadbandu Pandit

The Biography of Dr.Samuel Johnson was written by   -  James Bosewell

The composer of Geet Govind was   -  Jayadev

The first film of Ashok Kumar was   -  Jeevanayya

The Highest National Award given every year to the best book in india is  -   Jnanapith Award

The Character 1Gulliver' was created by  -   Jonathan Swift

The Classic `Around the World in 80 days' was written by  -   Jules Verne

Raghuvamsu was written by   -   Kalidasa

Tamil Ramayanam was authoblack by  -   Kambar

`Das Capital' was written by  -   Karl Marx

The oldest collection of stories in India is  -   Katha saritsagara

`A thing of beauty is joy forever' was said by  -   Keats

`King Solomon's Ring' was written by   -  Konard Lorenz

The famous singer who collapsed and died on the stage during a performance was  -  Leonard Warren

Gulliver's first name was   -  Lumuel

Mohenjadaro literally means Mound of   -  Corpses

The magazine started by M.Karunanidhi was   -  Murasoli

Bismillah Khan is a famous   -  Musician

The Tansen Awards are given to   -  Musicians

The title of Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography was My Experiments with   - Truth

By the middle of the 1st century,the city that was famous for fine arts was  -  Patali putra

John Masefield was a famous  -    Poet

Subramanya Bharthi was a noted  -   Poet

The person who is known as father of Carnatic Classical music is  -  Purandara dasa

The first Cartoonist to win the B.D.Goenka Award was  -   R.K .Laxman

`Malgudi Days' was written by  -  R.K .Narayan

`Guide' was written by    -  R.K.Narayan

National Anthem of India was written by   -  Rabindra nath Tagore

`Kanthapura' was written by   -  Raja Rao

In 1982,Arun Shourie won the   -  Ramon Magsaysay

The `Riddle of the Sands' was written by   -  Robert Erskine Childers

Treasure Island was written by  -   Robert Louis Stevenson

The famous museum located in Hyderabad is  -   Salarjung

"Bhagvatgeet"the movie which won the Lotus Award was made in which Language  -   Sanskrit

The instrument played by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan is   - Sarod

The only Indian actor to have received the Oscar award is  -  Satyajit Ray

Bismillah Khan specialises in  -  Shahnai Vadan

The Music instrument that Ravishankar plays is  -  Sitar

Pablo Picasso was from  -    Spain

The dancer who,inspite of losing one leg,dances and acts in films is    -   Sudha Chandran

The 1968 Gnanpith Award was won by   -    Sumitra Nandhanpant

The 1966 Gnanpith Award was won by   -   Tara Shankar Nandopa dhyaya

The first full-length feature film was  -    The Great Train Robbery

Shakespeare's last play was   -   The Tempest

The seating capacity of the World's smallest theatre Picolo is   -   Thirty

Babar's Autobiography "Babarnama" is written in the language   -  Turkish

The 1967 Gnanpith Award was won by  -   Uma Shankar Joshi & Dr.K.V. Puttappa

Geetha Pravachan in Marathi was written by  -   Vinoba Bhave

Panchatanra was written by  -   Vishnu Sharma

The Novel `Moon and Six Pence' was written by  -   W.S. Maugham

`The Lady of the Lake' was written by  -   Walter Scott

The Classic "Measure for Measure" was written by  -    William Shakespeare

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