The Maurayan Dynasty History Of India

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GK Solve Share an important topic about Indian History, The Mauryan Dynasty. This topic is most important for all indian Competitive exams, like ssc, wbssc, wbcs, upsc, bank, rail, ibps etc.History General knowledge is very important for Competitive exms.So readers read Carefully.

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  • with the help of chanakya, known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta,he overthrew the Nandas & established the nile of the Maurya dymasty

  • Chandragupta is called Sandrocottu by the Greek scholars.
  • Seleucus Necater was one of the generals of Alexander and after his death, had succeeded in gaining control of most of the Asatie provinces. Chandragupta defeated,him in 305 BC and was compelled to yield parts of Afghanistan was also a marriage alliance between the two families.
  • Built a vast empire, which included not only good pomions of Bihar and Bengal, but also westem and north western India and the Deccan

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  • This account is given by Megasthenes (A Greek ambassador sent by Seleucus to the court of Chandragupta Maurya) in his book Indica. We also get the details from the Arthashastra of Kautilya.

  • Chandragupta adopted Jainism and went to Sravanabelagola (near Mysore) with Bhadrabahu, where he died by slow starvation.

  • Vishakhadatta wrote a drama Mudrara kshasa (describing Chandragupta's enemy) & Debi Chandraguptam in sixth century AD.enemy) & Debi Chandraguptam in sixth century AD

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BINDUSARA (297-273 BC)

  • Amitraghat by writers.
  • Chandragupta was succeeded by his son Bindusara in 297 BC. He is said to have conquered the land between the 2 seas, i.e., the Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal At the time of his death, almost the entire subcontinent came under the Mauryan rule  Ambassador, Deimachos visited his court.

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