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GK Question and Answer | Top 30 GK Question For RRB Exam

Hello Readers,

Looking for gk question and answer about the RRB Exam? If yes,  here is the right place for you. Here we post Top 30 gk question and answer for RRB Exam. RRB Exam is the most important for job seekers. So all the RRB candidates are requested to read this post carefully.

Today GK Solve Collection of Top 30 gk question and answer about the RRB Exam all over India. Here, you can also find various exam materials. Download 300+ English competitive Exam ebook from our website.

GK Question and Answer | Top 30 GK Question : 

1) What is Quick Silver?

Ans: mercury

2) Milk of Magnesium used in?

Ans: Constipation

3) Who invented Band-aid?

Ans: Earle Dickson

4) Who invented bifocal lens?

Ans: Benjamin Franklin

5) Who is Chairman of FIFA?

Ans: Gianni Infantino

6) Who constructed China Wall?

Ans: Qin Shi Huangdi

7) Martin Crowe who recently passed away, was caption of which country?

Ans: New Zealand

8) Who was architecture of Delhi?

Ans: Edwin Lutyens

9) State and Union Territory was mentioned in which Article?

Ans: Article 1

10) What is the name of process heat glass is slowly cooling?

Ans: Annealing

11) Equal size planet of earth?

Ans: Kepler-452b

12) Who won Australian Grand Pix 2015?

Ans: Lewis Hamilton

13) Which Rays used in Airports which passes through solids?

Ans: X-Ray

14.  At the time of Independence how many Ruling kings were there?

Ans: 565

15) How many members walked on moon up to?

Ans: 12

16) How many candidates are nominated by president in Rajyasabha?

Ans: 12

17) Abhishek Verma belongs to which sport?

A: Archery

18) Indrayani river passes through which city?

Ans: Pune

19) 1st night test cricket played between which countries?

Ans: Australia vs Newzland

20) Who was the president during post office amendment?

Ans: Gyani jail sing

21)  In which year Muslim League was founded?

Ans: 1906

22) Nathu La Pass located at?

Ans: Gangtok, Sikkim

23) Who is the founder of the Pal dynasty?

Ans: Gopal

24) To which organ pacemaker is related which organ?

Ans: Heart

25) Bin Laden was killed at which place?

Ans: Abbottabad in pakistan

26) Chinese grand prix winner?

Ans: Lewis Hamilton

27) Vidyapthi famous poet in which language?

Ans: Maithili language

28) first Hindi Newspaper?

Ans: Udant Martand (The Rising Sun)

29) father of modern chemistry?

Ans: Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

30) Niagara falls of india?

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