WBCS 2019 |UPSC | Indian Medieval History Questions Quizzes- Day 17

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UPSC Indian Medieval History Questions Answers Quizzes

WBCS 2019 |UPSC | Indian Medieval History Questions Quizzes- Day 17

Hello Readers,

Are you Looking for WBCS 2019, UPSC Civil Service Exam's Indian Medieval History Questions Quizzes? If your answer is yes, then here is the right place for you. Indian Medieval History Questions Quizzes help you to take better Preparation for UPSC Exam, and Other Civil Service Exam like WBCS 2019. UPSC Indian Medieval History Questions Answers Quizzes Below here.

Quiz Questions And Answers

WBCS 2019 | UPSC | Indian Mediaval Questions Quizzes Day- 17

Choose the correct answer below questions and press the 'Grade Me' buttons.

Question 1.
The Sikh Guru executed by Aurangzeb after cruel torture was
Har Rai
Har Krishan
Tegh Bahadur

Question 2.
During the last 25 years of his reign, Aurangzeb was mainly involved in long-drawn wars against
All the above

Question 3.
Shivaji founded the Maratha kingdom by annexing the territories of
Both (a) and (b) above
Bijapur, Golcunda and the Mughals

Question 4.
Q3.The liberal religion preached by the saints of Maharashtra and rigidly followed by Shivaji is known as
Desh Dharma
Maharashtra Dharma
Rashtra Dharma
Hindu Dharma

Question 5.
The Mughal General, who decisively defeated Shivaji and forced him to conclude the Treaty of Purandar, was
Shaista Khan
Mirza Raja Jai Singh
Prince Muazzam
Dilir Khan

Question 6.
The Maratha dominion of Shivaji was known as
Maratha Rastra
Question 7.
The Administrative Council of Shivaji was known as

Question 8.
Tarabai, who conducted the affairs of the Maratha government from 1700 to 1707 AD, was the widow of the Maratha King
Shivaji II
Raja Ram
Shivaji III

Question 9.
The Mughal government can be described as an/a
Liberal monarchy
Centralised despotism
Absolute monarchy

Question 10.
The Mughal troops were largely drawn from
The Rajput Chiefs
Tributary Chiefs
Central Contingents

Number of score out of 10 = Score in percentage =

Answer Key Below Post :

WBCS 2019-UPSC Indian Medieval History Questions Quizzes- Day 17  : 

1. D 2.C 3.C 4.B 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.C 9.C 10.C

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