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WBCS 2019 |UPSC  Indian Medieval History Questions Quizzes- Day 30

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WBCS 2019 | UPSC Indian Medieval History Questions Quizzes Day- 30

Choose the correct answer below questions and press the 'Grade Me' buttons.

Question 1.
The independent kingdom of Awadh 'was founded by
Saadat Khan
Safdar Jang

Question 2.
The founder of the independent state of Bengal was
Murshid Quli Khan
Alivardi Khan
Sarfaraz Khan

Question 3.
The Jat king of Bharatpur who is known as the 'Plato of the Jat tribe' and the 'Jat Ulysses' was
Badan Singh
Suraj Mal

Question 4.
Before the rise of Ranjit Singh to power, the Punjab was under the control of various
Chiefs of Abmad Shah Abdali
Sikh Misls (military brotherhoods)
Maratha commanders
Sikh Sardars

Question 5.
The Maratha Kingdom under the Peshwas was
a loose federation
a military State
a confederacy (Mandala or Sangha)
a regency of the Peshwa

Question 6.
The Peshwa's Secretariat at Pune (Poona), the pivot of the Maratha government was known as
Huzur Daftar
El Beriz Daftar
Chalte Dafter
Peshwa Dafter
Question 7.
Who completed the Qutub Minar?

Question 8.
Defeated Humayun in the Battle of Kannauj (1540) also constructed the Purana Qila of New Delhi
Adil Shah
Malik Kafur
Sher Shah Suri

Question 9.
. The First Battle of Panipat (1526) was fought between
Babar and Daulat Khan
Babar and Ibrahim Lodi
Babar and Alam Khan
Babar and Rana Sanga

Question 10.
Akbar founded the Din-i-Ilahi primarily to
Establish a national religion which would be acceptable to the Muslims and the Hindus
Ensure racial and communal harmony
Found a religious institution
Put an end to differences between Hindus and Muslims

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Answer Key Below Post :

WBCS 2019-UPSC Indian Medieval History Questions Quizzes- Day 30  : 

1. A 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.A 7.C 8.D 9.B 10.A

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